Monday, January 2, 2012

A Word for 2012

"People often forget what we say or do, but rarely how we made them feel."

"Enthusiasm is contagious. Start an epidemic.: - Don Ward

"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."  ~Mary Engelbreit

     As I look forward to 2012 one single word keeps popping up into my head...ENTHUSIASM. I truly believes it makes ALL the difference in inspiring kids to get excited about what they are learning. Enthusiasm drives them to read more, write more, think more, problem solve, wonder and to KEEP GOING, to persevere  even when things are hard. I also believe it makes a big difference in overall happiness in life. Being around others who are enthusiastic about their life and what they do is inspiring and motivating to me. I want to be more like these people. A positive attitude to me is important and at times can be difficult to maintain even when I have the best of intentions.
      I noticed this year for whatever reason, my positive attitude was slumping a bit. I kept my energy up in the classroom but have found myself complaining more, getting down about what I can't control, feeling more overwhelmed, etc. But, I am refocused and ready to start off the new year with positive, enthusiastic energy. 
     I need to remind myself in 2012 that my enthusiasm, or rather my attitude towards things I cannot change or control is essential in creating a positive classroom, school, and home environment.        Entering my first year teaching in a new "testing" grade and experiencing my first year as mother to two little girls has definitely been a challenge and an extreme test of balance. I think if I can continue to be enthusiastic about the career that I love, and the family I love, challenges and all, the path ahead of me will be easier and more enjoyable.
     I know that when I am around people who find joy in life, their faces, attitudes, and expressions become mirrors and I find myself smiling along with them. I will strive to maintain a positive attitude this year and to hopefully keep kids excited about learning.
     Thank you to Mandy and Cathy for getting me thinking about my goal for the year. Your posts keep me renewed and excited about teaching!


  1. Amy, welcome about. I love your word choice and think it will encompass all aspects of your life. Enjoy.

  2. It is our passion that gives us our energy and I know you are passionate about teaching and learning! :) Enthusiasm is powerful and contagious...spread it and mark it with your own personality! Happy 2012!!!!