Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wonder Block

How to incorporate wonder into the classroom has been a question on my mind this summer. I want to use wonderopolis.org this year to inspire our class to wonder, research, read, discover, collaborate, share and create. (Just a few small goals...) 

My wonderful librarian suggested today that we have a "wonder block" every other week in the library! I LOVE this idea. Every other week students will come to the library with wonder notebooks in hand. This will be a time when they research wonders they have, record important thinking in their notebooks, record important new wonder words, and ask further questions. I want a share time to be built in where we will share the process of our research, wonderful new facts, strategies to help us understand non fiction, wonder words that are important, ways to hold thinking, etc. I'll have a short mini lesson to guide us along the way. 

My librarian is going to do lessons at the beginning of the year on how to find books you need on nonfiction topics independently. The library is a great place for us to spread out. We are surrounded by reference materials, technology (8 computers and a smart board) and of course great non fiction. Our school just opened last year so our books are all very new!  I hope this special block of time will take us great places this year!  

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